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About the artist

Owner of THE ARK OF is Noah van Klaveren, a multidisciplinary contemporary artist, renowned for her diversity in art forms, genres, themes, styles and techniques. Her artworks however share a lust for life and unstoppable urge to explore life in all senses. As a result her art reflects timeless, vibrant and cosmopolitan themes, peppered with influences that stem from her broad education, travelling and a lifelong diversity of interests from yoga to nature and from language to religion.


Artistic vocabulaire

At a young age Van Klaveren spent her days drawing, painting, sewing and writing, playfully taking first steps in developing her own aesthetic ideas as well as her unique artistic vocabulaire. In her later years she refined and cultivated her talents and skills by all kinds of education, such as in drawing, creative writing, printing techniques, photography and fashion & textile design.

Authentic and cosmopolitan

Her work is now and then simple, bold or mystique, at other times extravagant, complex or sophisticated but undeniably timeless, authentic and cosmopolitan. Inspired by nature, philosophy, yoga, art and crafts, she chooses a form to explore social issues or question all kind of themes. She effortlessly mixes mediums in search of a unique language giving her work its extraordinary character and exposing ultimate depth. Her repertoire can be seen as one of the most diverse yet coherent collections. 


Van Klaverens artworks, whether they be handcrafted or digitalised or, most of the time, a combination of both, are always in search of a conversation with the viewer. Connecting surprising points of view and questioning the obvious. They radiate an undeniable longing to connect with the viewer and encourage them to empower the self.

Painting.TheArkof.Noah van Klaveren.jpg
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