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  • Is all work yours?
    All work on this site is made by me unless expressly stated otherwise.
  • Are you open to commissions?
    Yes! I love to make work especially for you. Let me know what you are looking for and we will work it out. We will first go over your conditions, the possibilities and your budget and I will make you an offer before I start working on it. So no surprises there.
  • Can I book you for a poetry reading?
    Definitely! I am happy to read my poetry for a special occasion. Just let me know what you are thinking of and I will inform you about prices and possibities.
  • What's with the ark?
    THE ARK OF to me is a concept, a virtual place, where I keep things I cherish, things that make life more beautiful, things that have a special place in my heart and that I would want to keep save when a deluge should ever come. And well, my name being Noah, I loved the idea of creating my own ark.
  • Why is your logo in Kanji?
    Some of my ancestors turn out to be Japanese. At the same time, in some way or another I've always had a big love for Japan; the culture and philosophies, the architecture, the nature, the food, the fashion – I can go on for a while. And of course the amazing characters in the writing systems. They are pure art. As I think Kanji is the most beautiful, I picked that one for my logo. Unfortunately I don't master these languages myself, but it's on my list...
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