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Performance at the start of the campaign 'Natuurlijk raap jij ook iets op', The Shore, Scheveningen, 12 september 15h


Poems for 'We moeten praten', Modern Relations Podcast from 2021 

Columnist for The Hague Fashion Week Magazine

Organiser of Poetry at Sea, an open air literary beach festival (annual since 2018) 


Performance at the event Cultuurankers aan Zee organised by Muzee, 14 mei 2022

Exposition Beach Art Series, March 25, 2022, Manta Beach Scheveningen

Kunstroute KopS March 26 and 27, 2022

Window exposition, Rembrandt Theater Arnhem, 2021

Design instructor, Het Haags Tasje, Red Cross,The Hague 2014

Exposition HIP, Het Interpunctie Project, Literair Theater Branoul, 2013

Publication Honderd Haagse haiku's en zeventien Scheveningse, 2012

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